Not a multicultural agency. An agency for the culture.

We are built upon a diversity-led talent model. Not just for a more equitable world, but because we know diversity is the ultimate competitive advantage for disruptive creativity that moves culture. And when you move culture, you move product.

Not a company with a mission. A mission with a company: To accelerate the normalization of diverse faces powering the best creative companies in the world. Because when it’s normalized, you can see it. And when you can see it, you can be it. That is a generational legacy that is bigger than advertising.

Not another coastal agency. An Atlanta agency. We are founded in the ATL, where the minority is the majority. Where local culture profoundly influences global pop culture. Where the Hollywood of the South collides with the Silicon Valley of the South. Atlanta culture drives black culture, which drives pop culture, which is America’s greatest renewable resource and global export.

Not mediums deciding the best ideas. Ideas deciding the best medium. We ignite diverse lived experiences into cultural disruption that can take many forms, including: advertising, strategic planning, digital, branded entertainment, design, product innovation, experiences, art and activism. Our only agenda is that the best idea wins. (Yea this is a lot of site copy, thanks for persevering.)

Majority Rules: 1. The people make the culture. The culture makes the work – Our culture is how we treat each other. Which means it can be reinforced or redefined by every one of us, every day. For all we can’t control, we can always control how we treat each other. 2. Honesty is our religion – With ourselves. With each other. With our clients. Even when it’s hard. Especially when it’s hard. Honesty is the nougat filling at the center of every trusting relationship, and every legendary idea. 3. Angel’s Advocacy – If you’re a big “Devil’s Advocate” person, don’t work here. If you’re prone to cynicism, don’t work here. If you prefer meetings over making, don’t work here. 4. We take nothing for granted – if you get to use your creativity to make dope things for a living, you’re among the lucky. That's the lens through which we take on each day.